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You are here: A warm welcome to you!

A warm welcome to you!

The Swiss are said to be a nation of renters. Many people appreciate the independence and flexibility thereof and are afraid of the effort which is involved in purchasing and maintaining a property or an owner-occupied flat. However, you really would not have that much to do, since we would be doing the tedious work for you so that you could fully concentrate on the joys and advantages of being a property owner.

At Rotax Ltd, we rely on more than twenty years of experience in the administration, renting and management of properties and owner-occupied flats. You can look forward to working with a competent business partner whom you can rely on.

Your Rotax Ltd

The cornerstones of our offer:

Management of condominium communities. We ensure good relationships between tenants and manage properties with several owners. Benefit from our tailor-made solutions.

Renting of owner-occupied flats. Do you have investment properties and would like to rent them out? We shall take care of it, from the rental contract to the heating bill.


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