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Administration of condominium owner communites

The bringing together of the interests of several owners under one common roof is our great strengh. We have administered communities of condominium owners since 1992. We know the problem sources and with experience and efficiency, ensure a smooth, streamlined administrative solution. A solution which benefits everybody.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. Kindly use our web form for this purpose, or send us an e-mail info@rotax.ch


Management of the owner community

We organise and manage the owners meeting for you; from convening it, right through to wrinting the minutes. We coordinate and implement the jointly made decisions, such as, for example, the conclusion, renewal and termination of contracts.

From the caretaker to the crafsman

We introduce a caretaker or a maintenance firm for you. In addition we keep a close eye on them. We hire qualified craftsmen, firms and suppliers to carry out preventive and necessary repairs and maintenace. Naturally, this is always done within the limits of the agreed budgeted amount.

Safe and control

We ensure by means of regular control visits, scheduled inspections of lifts, heating and laundry rooms that the infrastructure is functioning. We also handle damage and insureance cases and assume key control for jointly used installations.

Order when it comes to figures

We have the jungle of figures under control. From the collection of payments on account to checking and payment of invoices. We furthermore handle the bookkeeping of the property, compile annual administrative statements, manage the fund assets and submit a budget for the following year.


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